How do I use my Gift card / discount code to pay for an order?

Here are the steps to redeem your gift card when shopping in our online store:

  1. Shop for your items as you normally would and add them to your cart.
  2. When you've finished shopping, navigate to your cart and click on "Buy now".
  3. Here, you will find a section for payment methods. Look for an option that says "Gift Card" or "Coupon code".
  4. Enter the unique code found on your gift card into the text box and click "Apply".
  5. The total price should now reflect the gift card amount deducted. If your gift card covers the full amount, you can simply click "Continue to delivery". If there's a balance, you'll need to provide an additional payment method for the remaining amount.

If you're experiencing any issues or have additional questions, please contact our Customer service team.

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