How do I adjust the Protector life jacket for my dog?


This dog life jacket should have a snug fit and sit close to your dog’s body to prevent it from sliding when your dog is moving around in the water. Due to its unique buoyancy capacity, the Protector life jacket should cover 50% to 75% of your dog’s back.

To fit the life jacket to your dog, start by opening the buckles. Slide the life jacket over your dog’s head and place it on their back when standing. For the medium sized (4-5-6), adjust the neck strap so that you can fit two fingers in between the vest and your dog. The space should be a bit less for the smaller sizes and a bit more for the bigger sizes.

The next step is closing the SAFE-T wrap system and attaching the straps around your dog’s chest. Adjust these to sit firmly, without being uncomfortable for your dog. The hind strap can be slightly looser than the front strap.

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