How do I adjust the Fjord raincoat for my dog?


A properly fitting dog jacket covers the major muscle groups while still allowing full freedom of movement. It's important that the jacket is not overly tight, as this could impede movement and compress the fur, reducing your dog’s coat's natural ability to insulate.

For active wear, the jacket you will want it to reach the base of your dog’s tail. If the jacket is meant for resting and recovery, it can be slightly larger to keep your dog well-covered while lying down.

1 - Belly

Tighten the strap around your dog’s belly so that the jacket fits snugly but not too tightly.

2 - Neck

Adjust the cinch cord around the neck and head according to your preference. Tightening the neck will slightly shorten the length of the jacket.

3 - Tail  

Modify the cinch cord at the base of the tail as needed. If your dog’s tail is curled or held high, make adjustments for an ideal fit.

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