How do I adjust the Glacier jacket for my dog?


A well-fitting dog jacket covers the large muscle groups while still allowing freedom of movement. Ensure the jacket is not too tight for your dog, as this can restrict movement and flatten the fur, diminishing the natural insulating abilities of your dog’s coat.

If the dog jacket is intended for activity, you'll want it to extend to the base of your dog’s tail. If the dog jacket is primarily for resting and recovery, it can be slightly larger to ensure your dog’s body is well-covered when lying down.

1 - Belly

Adjust the strap that goes around your dog’s belly. The jacket should sit close to the body, without being too tight.

2 - Neck

Adjust the cinch cord at the neck and head to your preference. Tightening the neck will reduce slightly the length of the jacket.

3 - Tail

Adjust the cinch cord at the base of the tail to your preference. If your dog has a curled tail or carries it high, you can adjust it for a perfect fit. 

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