How do I put on and adjust dog booties for my dog?

To put on your dog’s booties, you can stand over your dog with your dog between your legs, then lift one paw at a time. This position allows you to maintain control while simultaneously helping your dog balance when lifting each paw.

Brush away snow or dirt before putting the bootie on.

Slide the bootie over the paw and attach the hook and loop fastener.

If you are going for a short training session, a maximum of two hours, the booties should sit quite tight. If you are doing long-distance mushing or trekking for many hours, you should not tighten the booties as much. 

Hold the bootie in place with one finger, then tighten the strap over your finger for medium and large dogs (size S and up). This way, you ensure it does not get too tight. For smaller dogs, less than a finger is required to prevent the booties from falling off.


Your dog’s booties should be high enough for the dew claw to be covered.  

When having a longer break, or when you’re done training, take the booties off. Your dog’s paws can get swollen if they lie down wearing tightened booties for an extended period of time.

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