How do I adjust the CaniX belt pro?



For assistance with first-time adjustment of the belt, you can watch this video:

1- Loosen all straps, including the side bungee. To loosen the side bungee, simply pull the orange cord and pull the lower part of the belt down.

2- Pass your legs through the leg straps. Tighten the strap around your waist so that it sits comfortably above your hip bones. Then tighten the leg straps with the buckles.

3- Use the rear straps to adjust the height of the power transfer strap. We recommend that it sits in the middle of your bum.

4- Adjust the leg straps at the front to keep the power transfer strap in place without being uncomfortable.

5- Adjust the side bungee so that the power transfer strap is level when standing.

6- Adjust the front strap by using the lower rear webbing adjustment. The recommended distance between your body and the carabiner is a minimum of 15 centimeters/6 inches.

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