How do I adjust the Freemotion harness 5.0/Combined harness for my dog?


When going through this checklist, your dog should stand up, and the harness should be held in a pulling position.

1 - Neck 

You should be able to fit two fingers vertically between the top of your dog’s neck and the harness for a medium-sized dog (sizes 4-7). A bit less for smaller dogs, more for bigger dogs. A pulling harness should be quite snug around the neck!


Fingers on top of each other, between your dog’s neck and harness.

2 - Depth 

With the side straps, you adjust the depth to fit your dog’s chest. For medium-sized dogs, you should be able to fit two fingers vertically between your dog’s chest and the harness.

3 – Chest bone

The lowest point of the neck opening should be at your dog’s chest bone. The position can be adjusted with the side straps.

4 - Armpits

Make sure there is room for your dog to move freely.

5 - Ribs

The side straps should lie on your dog’s rib cage, not further back than the last rib bone.

6 – Attachment point

Adjust so that the rope you attach the line to starts right above the base of your dog’s tail. Lock the backstrap by simply threading the end of the strap back through the metal slip lock.



If you find it hard to take the harness on/off, twist it sideways when pulling it over your dog’s head. You can also loosen the side straps and open the hook and loop fastener at the back if needed.

See how to put on and adjust the Freemotion harness 5.0 or Combined harness in this video:





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